A baking love affair - the KitchenAid


The KitchenAid is a baking enthusiast’s best friend and, like a beautifully tailored suit, quite the statement piece. Nothing shows off one’s baking prowess more than the presence of one of these wonderful machines in the kitchen.

Available in a range of fabulous colours and designs, the cast iron KitchenAid is as reliable as it is aesthetically pleasing. Offering a lifetime guarantee and coming with a number of clever attachments, this is a seriously smart piece of equipment for amateurs through to professionals.

The Ferrari of the baking world, the KitchenAid is your ‘go to’ baking companion. Fluffy sponges? Tick. Voluminous mounds of meringue? Tick. Perfectly kneaded hands-free bread? Tick. Whisk, chop, blend, mash, mix and knead to your heart’s content.

With prices starting from £300, steal admiring glances from your friends and family. It’s the only. The best. The most charming and timeless kitchenware item you’ll ever need.