You only live once - make it an Aston Martin DB5


Aston Martin have been making "beautiful hand-crafted sports cars" for over a century but there's one particular model that warrants a special mention.

Released in 1963, the DB5 is one of the luxury car manufacturer's most coveted cars. Instantly recognisable as James Bond's car of choice in hit film, Goldfinger, its long-standing association with 007 has earnt it a place in a league of its own.

You'd have to make an appointment at Q's underground lair to fit all the special gadgets that Bond requires but the specification it already boasts - including a powerful 4-litre engine, synchromesh ZF 5-speed gearbox (correct) and 282 bhp - is pretty impressive on its own. And we haven't even touched on those sleek, tastefully designed leather interiors yet.

Synonymous with elegance whilst also delivering on speed and reliability, the DB5 starts from around £600, 00. Not simply a mode of transport, although it is a dream to drive, the Aston Martin DB5 is a lifestyle choice and will send you straight to 00 heaven.